YesWeServe Update

Beacon Bible Camp!


BBC in Ghana, come in!


Sixty 1-3 graders are having a blast; they are out of school uniform and allowed to wear “home clothes”, they are with their friends, there is no homework, and they are at Beacon Bible Camp (BBC)!


The kids are divided into teams with names like “Invincible”, “Unbeatable”, and they have taken to their team identities with gusto.  The theme verse for the camp is Jeremiah 1:5: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…”


When we talked about what we are set apart for, the suggestions were many: to be someone’s friend, to help others- and a couple of “wrong answer” ones, too 🙂 – and you can do those things through kindness, sharing, let others go first in line, etc.  There were certainly plenty of opportunities to put all of that into practice at camp:  The kids run, crawl and jump through the obstacle course, play football (we’re in Ghana, after all!), dance (see former comment!), do hula hoops, learn from interactive Bible lessons, join in lots of energetic singing (Indeed making a joyful noise to the Lord!), crafts (why can’t Goliath’s armor be green – or yellow?), praise and worship (did I mention Praise and Worship?!), not to forget the snack and meal times!


The mother of one of the boys has distinguished herself in communication with the school as really adept at pointing out the things about the school she didn’t like.  That’s why her long text, after her son returned with glorious reports the first night, was such a big surprise!  She was telling us how much her son had enjoyed the day at BBC and how he couldn’t wait to come back tomorrow!  It’s such an inspiration to receive happy feedback – and particularly when it’s from normally “whiny” sources.  In addition to a child’s general, unbridled enthusiasm, I like to think that he shared with her something he learned in Bible Camp, too.


Many years ago I remember a young girl who was part of a huge outdoor gathering of “Teens for Jesus” being interviewed by a newspaper reporter. 

“So, what do you believe?” asked the journalist.  

Answered the girl: “I have no idea, but we are having a great time!” 

The kids at BBC will agree strongly with the second part of the answer, but as to the first part they know that the foundation for a Godly life is integral every day at Beacon School; the BBC only heightens the great times!