Come run with us! YesWeServe is an official charity of the Long Beach Marathon!

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that everyone has to be a full marathoner. There are five options; RUNS: 5K, half- and full marathon, WHEELS: full marathon wheelchair race, and 20 mile bicycle ride.

If you don’t think you are the athletic type (we would love to try and convince otherwise!), for the Long Beach Marathon we need servers each year to help out with various relatively simple tasks the couple of days before the race. Anything from handing out water or racing bibs, “manning” our booth during the pre-race Expo. YesWeServe also has a tent in the Finish Line Running Club village for celebration after completed runs and bicycle rides!

Wherever you are in your fitness right now, there is a place for you on our #TeamYesWeServe! If you are not on a running schedule, we will be providing exactly that when you join #TeamYesWeServe with our weekly group run in Long Beach on Saturdays. Follow us on FaceBook for updates. All members will do their own training during the week – why not team up with other YesWeServers?!

Each runner will commit to helping fund-raise (at least) $250.00 for specific YesWeServe projects to reach our goal which will be announced as we approach each Marathon. We will provide much more detail about the project (-s) as we move forward.

If you already signed up to run before the #TeamYesWeServe option becomes available, you can still, of course, join us!

Contact us via FaceBook and we will provide you with further information on how to join #TeamYesWeServe in Changing The World, One Child At A Time!