The Cindy Engøy Legacy

Co-founder of YesWeServe with her husband Geir, Cindy is a published author and brought to YesWeServe her creative experience in both the urban and private school setting.  She had a Master’s degree in Cross Cultural Education and acquired international experience by performing, living and traveling abroad.

Always bubbling over with a zest for life and love for her boys, she was an inspiration and driving force to spread the Good News of God’s love through her words, music and life.

She was called Home to God while “at the top of her game”, leaving behind a great void but also a challenge to carry on and to grow the ministry of YesWeServe to change the world one child at a time.

Cindy’s Legacy Fund has been established in her honor.  Donations will benefit, in particular, our Women’s Literacy program in India, and our sustainability village project in Ghana, West Africa.