Who Is YesWeServe Inc?

YesWeServe Inc. is a Christian ministry which seeks to impact and enrich the lives of children of all ages through teaching, compassionate care and sustainable development.

At our partner children’s homes, children are provided with food, clothing, and a safe place to call home. Our annual mission teams engage in a variety of teaching and nurturing programs.

Our goal is to educate today while empowering for the future. This includes awareness building to meet the needs and challenges to become part of the solution with contextual instruction and constant practice.

Our mission is to change children’s lives for the better and positively impact their families and communities through sustainable development projects which will promote and support economic growth and social lift.


We are “Changing the World, One child at a time”

As a result, all that we do revolves around providing nurturing, God Honoring, safe environments for children to learn, play and grow.

By applying a holistic approach which focuses on compassionate care, contextualized teaching and sustainable development, we strive to positively impact the present and the future.

We provide food, friendship, support and financial assistance to meet basic needs. By putting our hearts and hands to work, we always find ways to minister God’s love through arts and crafts, music, tutoring, bible teaching, sports and recreation.

We also provide offer construction and maintenance to sustain property upgrades.